Overlap Pools Liners For St Lucie Above Ground Pools

Expandable Pool Liners Lakeland Florida

Overlap Pool Liners are very easy to spot as the vinyl pool liner simply goes up the inside of the pool wall and hang over or overlaps on the outside. These type of liners typically have 4-6 inches of visible excess vinyl liner material at the top and completely around the exterior of the pool wall.

When purchasing an overlap liner for your above ground pool, it’s important to know your pool size but you don’t need to know pool wall height as overlap liners work in 48′, 52″ and 54″ pools. There is simply more or less liner overlap depending on your pool’s wall height.

Overlap pool liners are secured to the pool wall with strips of plastic called liner coping strips. The coping strips should be replaced with a liner replacement as the scorching Lakeland FL sunshine will make the plastic coping become dry and brittle over time. The may look fine but often crumble or crack when removed from the pool wall during the liner install.

If you have an overlap liner in your above ground pool you should purchase new coping at the same time you purchase your new liner. Failing to do so can leave your pool half apart and subject to damage from high winds and storms until replacements can be acquired. This is not a position you want to be caught in when those summer storms come rolling through Lakeland every afternoon.

Above Ground Pool Liner Installation Items

We have added the link below to help you make the most of your swimming pool liner installation. This page will answer some of the many questions Lakeland pool owners ask us when replacing their swimming pool liner. Some of the items on this page are considered almost mandatory in Florida pool installs and some things make for a perfect install or are great upgrades. Take a look by clicking on each item and reading full details about their use and applications, you may find some helpful info there. This is great information for St Lucie pool owners seeking info on building or repairing their above ground pool.

Overlap Pool Liner Installation Help For St Lucie FL

If you purchase your pool liner here and live in the St Lucie or Central Florida area we can help you with installation. We have above ground pool and pool liner installers that service the entire Central Florida area.

For those St Lucie pool owners who wish to install there own pool liner we have added the manufacturer’s instruction page to help you through it. This is just a good basic manual for overlap liner installs. But if you purchase your pool liner from us you can enjoy unlimited live tech support. Our tech team will answer all your question ad help you every step of the way to getting that perfect no wrinkle pool liner finish.

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